You are standing on the edge of a tight thicket…your buffalo is waiting for you…. your sixth sense has come alive, and you know he is there.
The ox peckers sudden chatter betrays his position…the brush explodes and here he comes! As you wait, everything seems to be in slow motion.
You hear your shot almost without knowing you have pulled the trigger, your buffalo crashes to the ground right at your feet! You feel more alive than you can recall, you turn to your PH and Videographer - when your voice steadies, you enquire; “Did you get that?” - the Videographer nods.
What a day! What a hunt! What a story to take home - all on film!!
Now that's what I'm talking about!




"Video Africa began documenting our yearly African safaris in 2004 and continues to this summer’s adventure in New Zealand. These videos are treasured at least as much if not more than our trophies. Watching them brings back the fun and excitement of our hunts. We love sharing them with our family and friends so they can see the beautiful countries we’ve visited. They are much more fun than still photos since you can see the action and hear the voices of everyone involved. Video Africa’s selection of background music carries you through the excitement of a lion hunt and the fast action of bird hunting. During the hunt the cameraman is almost invisible, but he works tirelessly to film from the start of each day until the fire dies down after supper each evening. Hunting without Video Africa would be like not bringing home your trophies – unthinkable!"
Kathy Story, Texas

"Dear Friends from Team Video Africa, I have to thank you for the creation of the DVD of Safari Mozambique by Gitti and Gregor Scheffer. We have already seen the film several times. The DVD is really great and I am very grateful for this wonderful work."
Best regards, Gregor Scheffer

"Hello. Hello Happy New Year.. Wishing the best in 2014 . I received the videos .. I watched it twice . You did and incredible Fantastic job !! Really I loved it !! thank you sooo much . You are the best .. it was an incredible video . Thank you for making me look good.. Or not so bad !"
Thank you, Essa Kawaja